Modern Microcars

Many of the Microcars built in the 1960s look fantastic, but are not ideal or robust enough for the demands of everyday use. Andy's Modern Microcars builds microcars that look just like the originals, that often go like the wind and can be serviced by your local garage.

Famous models such as the Messerschmitt, TG500 (Tiger), Goggo Dart, Isetta, Scootacar, Kleinschnittger F125, Peel Trident, Peel P50, Bamby and Mopetta can be used as everyday transport without the worries associated with using rare and sometimes fragile vehicles.

We offer:

  • A choice of cars individually built to customer specification.
  • Choices or colour, engine options, trim levels.
  • Left hand drive and right hand drive options, auto gearboxes on some models.
  • Cars ready to drive away, or basic bodyshells to restore an original car or for the self-builer to create his own vehicle.
  • Please note we do not sell kits. 

Some cars are easier to drive than the originals, suited to all ages of driver, as well as being ideal for film or promotional work.

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We ship worldwide.